26th WCARS- RBS-Newark- November 2-3, 2012 (Rescheduled to Jan 16-17, 2013)

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26 WCARS Postponed and to be Rescheduled in   January 16 & 17, 2013

The following is a   message from Dr. Miklos Vasarhelyi:

Dear   colleagues:

I am   afraid we have to POSTPONE/cancel the 26WCARS. NJ and NY have suffered a   disaster of unprecedented proportions. We are not sure people can fly in to NY   or NJ. The Hampton Inn and Suites Newark Riverwalk in Harrison is under 5 ft of   water and removing tenants, we are not sure the caterers can honor the   commitments, exit 15w of the NJ turnpike is closed, public transportation in NY   is majorly handicapped, our building is without electricity, we are not sure   what else has been compromised, and it is unclear that a couple of the airports   will open. Many flights are being cancelled.

In order not to put you   under situations of duress we must POSTPONE the following meetings: 

November 1               CAR LAB Advisory Board Meeting and CAR LAB Friends & Family Meeting
November 2 & 3        26th World Continuous Auditing & Reporting Symposium

We will notify everyone   of a new date for each of these meetings as soon as possible. We apologize for   any inconvenience. Stay Safe.

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Accounting Profession Update Panel    
Anand Adya, Brian Cleary Evolution Of The Internal  Audit   Function: From Controls Testing To Corporate Performance  Management   Insight  
Solon Angel Big Data – Just Noise or Does  it  Matter?  Opportunities for Continuous Auditing   
Paul Byrnes         
Virginia Cortijo Students’ Perceptions of Facebook for Academic Purposes
Thomas Criste Where Do We Go From Here   
Vikas Dutta, Saty Ghosh, Rob Zanella Projects in Internal Audit at CA   
Philip Elsas Business Case for the Integrated  Owner-ordered & Management-ordered Audit Approach  
Brian Fox Confirmation's Role  Unconvering   the PFGBest Fraud  
Jacob Haislip Auditor IT Experience and   Client  Benefits  
Charles Harris Internal Control–Integrated   Framework   
Hussein Issa, Alex Kogan A Predictive Ordered Logistic Regression Model for Quality Review  of  Control Risk Assessments    
Jason Gross The Road to Continuous Assurance  
Pieter de Kok
Secondary link to Video Presentation
Eckhardt Kriel Using Audit Analytics in IT Infrastructure Enviroments   
James Littley A Maturity Model:   Data Analytics-Enabled Auditing through Continuous Verification of   Enterprise Risk Management   
Bill Medrano CCM at Verzion
Chris Nedza Continuous Auditing for the Franchise Industry
Luis Antonio Carvalheiro Pires Monitoramento Continuo e    Auditoria Continua 

Continuous Auditing and Reporting System
Patrick Taylor Continuous Monitoring – Creating  an Operational Anti-Corruption Program    
Dr. Miklos Vasarhelyi Audit Analytic- An innovative course at Rutgers 
Introduction to CarLab

The Audit Ecosystem: Integrating Artificial Intelligence and Expert systems in the Audit Domain

John Verver Integrating CA and CM into Audit, Risk and Compliance Processes    

Giovanni Paolo Voarino

ECB New Pan-European Supervision (Formalization) 
Elective Affinities (Die Wahlverwandtschaften)

Liv Watson Integrated Reporting Requires Integrated Assurance