Text Analytics Accounting Group


Text Analytics Accounting Group

TAAG is focused on bringing the power of text analytics to bear in the accounting domain. Our research team specializes in applying automated text analysis techniques to gain insights into a company: going far beyond the limits of what can be observed from financial data alone. Our results benefit from having a multi-disciplinary approach, with team members experienced in the fields of accounting, auditing, computational linguistics, communications, finance, and computer science.   

TAAG Mission

TAAG's dual missions are to advance scientific knowledge and to inform industry and policy at the intersection of text analytics and accounitng.

   TAAG Text Mining Tools

lStructured Programming for Linguistic Cue Extraction
A web-based research tool for calculating linguistic cue values based on dictionaries, part-of-speech tagging, indices, and other parsing techniques.
l  Linguistic Inquiry and Word Count
A research tool for calculated linguistic cue values based on dictionaries and other parsing techniques.
l  Used Visual Basic to write parsing programs
l  Weka
l  Cluto
l  Visual Basic
l  Python
l  Natural Language Tool Kit (NLTK)
l  IBM Data Modeler 

TAAG Research

Financial Accounting
Forensic Accounting

TAAG Team Members

  • Dr. Kevin Moffitt
  • Dr. Miklos Vasarhelyi
  • Dr. Vasundhara Chakraborty
  • Khrystyna Bochkay
  • Victoria Chiu
  • Roman Chychyla
  • Dr. Hussein Issa
  • Qi Liu
  • Kyunghee Yoon