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Solon Angel

MsC, PMP, VP of Platform

Solink Corp

Solon has over a decade of experience in the audit and corporate software business, specifically Analytics, ERP, CRM and product/project management. Solon held various roles at Dell, Neocase in the Silicon Valley, and CaseWare Analytics prior to his time with Solink. Solonís exposure to diverse technological platforms has placed him in an ideal position to assist organizations in identifying solutions that best fit their business and practices. Under his tenure at CaseWare, IDEA Server has grown to be used by Supreme Audit organizations and Fortune 500 organizations worldwide. Currently he is responsible for the vision for the Solink Platform and managing the product development teams.

Solon is a registered PMP and holds a Master in Management Science from the Leonard de Vinci School of Management, a Master in Project Management from Carleton University and is the co-founder of the Ottawa Product Management Association.