Fall 2010

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September 3

No Seminar


September 10


Dr.Sudhakar Balachandran, Columbia University,
"Using residual income to refine the relationship between earnings growth and stock returns"

September 17

10.30-12.00 PM. One Washington Park, Room 921, Newark.

 Video Broadcast to New Brunswick,  Janice Levin 107B

PhD Student Presentation
1. Hussein Issa:
“Application of Duplicate Records Detection Techniques to Duplicate Payments in a Real Business Environment”

2. Khrystyna Bochkay: “The Accrual Anomaly in the Game-Theoretic Setting”

3. Roman Chychyla: “The Foundations of Finance in Game-Theoretic Probability”

September 24

10.30-12.00 PM. One Washington Park, Room 921, Newark.

Video Broadcast to New Brunswick

Dr. Carol Marquardt CUNY Baruch

"The Role of Accruals Quality in the M&A Market"

October 1

10.30-12.00 PM. One Washington Park, Room 408, Newark.

Skyped to 107 C Janice Levin New Brunswick

Dr.Daniel O'Leary USC

"Does Superior Knowledge Management
Increase Shareholder Value?"

October 8

10.30-12.00 PM. One Washington Park, Room 921,Newark.

Video Broadcast to New Brunswick 107B,Janice Levin

1. Rebecca Bloch: "Do Voluntary Disclosures on a Nonprofit Organization’s Website Increase Donations?''
2. Sangsang Liu: "A GMM based, parametric portfolio policy for large-scale equity portfolio optimization
leveraging key accounting characteristics."

3. Tukue Tesfalidet "Earnings Quality and Bankruptcy Prediction."

October 15

10.30-12.00 PM. New Brunswick, Janice Levin, 106

Video Broadcast to Newark, 921

Carolyn Levine    "The Relative Efficiency of Clawback Provisions in Compensation Contracts"

October 22

10.30-12.00 PM. Newark,One Washington Park, Room 408. Skype to New Brunswick 107B

Dr.Andreas Nicolaou, Bowling Green State  "A Longitudinal Study of Market and Firm Level Factors Influencing ERP Systems Adoption and Post-Implementation System Enhancement Options"

October 29

10.30-12.00 PM 1WP, Room 921, Newark  | Video Broadcast to New Brunswick 107B

Dr. Joshua Ronen, NYU

The Earnings Management Strategy to Meet or Beat Thresholds.

November 5-6

8.00-5.00 PM, Room 220, 1WP,Newark

21 World Continuous Auditing Conference and Reporting Symposium | Agenda |

November 12

No Seminar

FEA Conference

November 19

No Seminar

JAAF Conference

November 26



December 3

11.45-1.15PM, Room 408,   

1 Washington Park, Newark,

No Video Broadcast

Sonia Gantman ( Bentley University)

December 10

10.30-12.00PM 1WP,Room 1027,Newark | Video Broadcast to New Brunswick 107B

Dr. Graham Gal, UMass, Isenberg School of Management, Amherst.

Semantic Integrity Constrains.

December 17

10.30-12.00PM 1WP,Room 921,Newark | Video Broadcast to New Brunswick 107B

Dr. Roger Debreceny, University of Hawaii