Spring 2016

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Accounting Seminars
Note: All seminars begin at 10:30am unless otherwise noted.
AIS Workshops
Note: All workshops will be held in 1 Washington Park in the room specified on the workshop date and will begin at 10:00am unless otherwise noted.
Date Location Presenter/Paper Room Presenter/Paper
January 22         No Seminar           
2016 Joint Mid-Year Meeting of the AIS and SET Sections
January 29
" Do municipal bond markups reflect accounting quality"
Yuan Ji
George Washington University
RBS - 100 Rockafeller Rd
Room 3701
February 5 Recruiting Seminar
"Auditor Integration of IT Specialist Input on Internal Control Issues: How a Weaker Team Identity Can Be Beneficial"
Cassandra Estep
University of Illinois at Urbana - Champaign
Room 226
1 WP
February 8 "The SEC's Interactive Data Mandate: 
Implications of Open Financial Reporting Environment Practices"
Elisabeth Scherr
Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nurnberg
Room: 228
1 WP
February 12 No Seminar
RBS Faculty Retreat

February 19   "Do Directors Have a Use-By Date? Examining the Impact of Board Tenure on Firm Performance"
Dr. Joshua Livnat
New York University 
Kate Suslava 
Phd Student
Rutgers Business School
10:30-12:00 PM
Room: 216
1 WP
February 26

Faculty Candidate Presentation

" Do Governments Hide Resources from Unions? The Influence of Public Sector 

Unions on Financial Reporting Choices"

Dr. Angela K Gore

George Washington University

100 Rockafeller Rd
Room: 5117
March 4 Recruiting Seminar
"“Why Hedge? Extent, Nature, and Determinants of Derivative Usage in U.S. Municipalities" 
Dr. Clair Yan
University of Arkansas

Room: 216
March 11           
    Dr. Michael Alles
"Auditing as an Affective Technology: The Medium is the Message"
March 18 No Seminar 
Spring Recess
March 24 "Should Online Content Providers be Allowed to Subsidize Content? - An Economic Analysis"
Soohyun Cho
University of Florida
10:30 - 12:00PM
Room 228
1 Washington Park
March 25     1WP
Room 216
    "Former Rating Analysts and Ratings of MBS & ABS: Evidence from LinkedIn"
John Jiang
Michigan State University
  1 WP
Room 921
"An REA Ontology Based Model for Mapping - Accounting Information Systems Elements to Big Data"
Dr. Uday Murthy
University of South Florida
April 1
Room: 3071
"Career Concerns and Strategic Effort Allocation by Analysts"
Xie Fei
University of Delaware
1 WP
Room 921
"The Organizational Benefits of a Good Relationship Between the Internal Audit and Information Security Functions"
Dr. Paul Steinbart
Arizona State University
April 8
“What Does “But” Really Mean? -- Evidence from Managers' Answers to Analysts’ Questions in Conference Calls”
Ke Xu

“Effectiveness and Potentially Unintended Consequences of Caps on Municipal Taxation and Expenditures”

Wilson Rose

“Imagineering Audit 4.0”
Jun Dai

1 WP 
Room: 216

April 15
Room: 3071
"Do Weather-Induced Moods Affect the Processing of Earnings News?"
Ed deHaan
Stanford University   
       1 WP
Room 921
"Can Knowledge Based Systems be Designed to Counteract Deskilling Effects in Accounting Professionals  
Dr. Steve Sutton
University of Central Florida
April 22
No Seminar
April 29 "Prompting the Benefit of the Doubt: The Joint Effects of Auditor-Client Social Bonds and Measurement Uncertainty on Audit Adjustments"
   Steven Kachelmeier
UT Austin 
1 WP
Room: 2266
May 6, 2016May 6, 2016 Baruch College
Baruch, Fordham, Rutgers, AR Symposium
Baruch College, Newman Vertical Campus,
Room 12-150
One Bernard Baruch Way, New York, NY 10010