Introduction to Audit Analytics

Special Topics in Audit Analytics

Information Risk Management

Tutorials for Risk Management

PhD Recordings

Individual PhD Presentations

Imagineering Audit 4.0

Apply Process Mining to Evaluate Internal Control Effectiveness Automatically

Towards Blockchain-based Accounting and Assurance

An Application of Blockchain Technology to Fraud Detection

Audit Evidence Index Project

Using Drones in Internal and External Audits: An Exploratory Framework

Privacy-Preserving Information Sharing within an Audit Firm

Formalization of Internal Control Assessment: A Process Mining Application

Are External Auditors Concerned about Cyber Incidents? Evidence from Audit Fees

Rule-Based Decision Support System for Audit Planning and Audit Risk Assessment

Interactive Data Visualization for Error and Fraud Detection

The Performance of Sentiment Features of 10-K MD&As for Financial Misstatement Prediction

Risk Analysis Based on 10-K Item 1a

Impact of Data Analytics on Managerial Accounting Using Balanced Scorecard Framework

Examination of Audit Planning Risk Assessments Using Verbal Protocol Analysis

Survived Companies with Going Concern Really Are Different from those Bankrupted

Resisting Change in the Audit Profession
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