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About the Conference

About the Conference

Please note: Sessions go by the GMT Time Zone



Presenters Presentations Video
Miklos Vasarhelyi «Continuous assurance and AI»
Seesion 1
Moderator: Manuel Ortega
Helen Brown-Liburd «Digital transformation & innovation in auditing: Insights from a review of academic research»
Michael Alles & Glen L. Gray «The Marketing by the Big 4 of Big Data Analytics in the External Audit: Evidence and Consequences»
Enrique Bonsón &
Michaela Bednárová
«Towards a corporate digital responsibility reporting framework»
Seesion 2
Moderator: Enrique Bonsón
Natividad Pérez &
Borja Fernández-Rosillo
«Microdata base of sustainability indicators (ESG) developed at Banco de España using AI tools»
Lourdes Torres & Lara Ripoll «Usefulness and comparability of sustainability reporting. A Delphi study on preparers view»
Mercedes Luque-Vílchez,
José A. Gómez-Limón,
M. Dolores Guerrero-Baena & Pablo Rodríguez-Gutiérrez
«Deconstructing corporate ESG performance: Heterogeneous stakeholder preferences in the food industry»
Eugenia Koblents «Utility and confidentiality assessment of synthetic financial data»
Seesion 3
Moderator: Daniela Mancini
Ana Ferreira & Isabel Pedrosa «Emerging technologies, the opportunity for accountants to shine»
Maria Zhang «A survey of cybersecurity and privacy regulations and the impact on auditors’ role»
Rasmus Moelbjerg &
Jonas Søgaard
«The new role of the CFO in the collaborative future»
Seesion 4
Moderator: Cleber Custodio
Vinod Kashyap «Auditing proof of reserves in crypto exchange: Issues, challenges & way forward»
Amir Michael «Environmental, social & governance (ESG) assurance analytics»
Hussein Issa,
Kelly Duan & Miklos Vasarhelyi
«Business education 4.0: Innovation, flexibility, and scalability»
Cleber Custodio,
Yu Gu & José Portela
«Decision tree tool for auditor's going concern assessment in Spain»
Seesion 5
Moderator: Sonia Royo
José Miguel Soares «Text mining of companies annual reports in PDF format»
Marco Schreyer «Federated continual learning to detect accounting anomalies in financial auditing»
David Köpfer & Teresa Caminero «Project Gaia: Increasing the transparency of climate-related disclosures»
Maria Zhang, Miklos Vasarhelyi, Kexing Ding & Xuan Peng «Material misstatement detection based on virtual pure players»
Sonia Royo & Ana Yetano «Towards more open forms of sustainability reporting in the Public Sector»