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The 51st World Continuous Auditing & Reporting Symposium will be held virtually. Registration is required to access the online event: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/51st-world-continuous-auditing-reporting-symposium-tickets-168301798209

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Deadline: September 13th, 2021

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"From Vision to Reality: Cryptoassets,Blockchain Accounting,Taxes & Auditing"

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Nov. 5 and Nov. 6


Presenters Presentations Video
Jason Ackerman Internal Audit Digital Transformation Journey
Eric E. Cohen The Value of a Broader Vision Statement for Blockchain Interoperability
Dr.A.Faye Borthwick &
Dr.Hussein Issa &
Dr.Margarita lenk &
Dr.Miklos Vasarhelyi &
Dr.David Wood
Artificial Education 4.0:Innovation, customization and Emerging Technologies in Accounting & Auditing
Yu Gu Audit 4.0-based ESG Assurance: An Example of Using Satellite Images on GHG Emissions
Lanxin Jiang & Abby Zhang &
Dr.Miklos Vasarhelyi
The Enigma of Unlabeled Posistives-- Using ML to Detect and Predict Restatement
Jumi Kim & Mauricio Vasconcellos Leao Lyrio & Jun Dai &
Dr.Miklos Vasarhelyi
Blockchain-enabled Continuous Audit:Implementation of Blockchain-Enabled Smart Contract with the Integration of Business Process Management
Suzanne Morsfield & Robert Herz Valuation of Cryptocurrencies
Ting Sun & Deniz Appelbaum Business News Headlines and the Prophrtic Vision of Bankruptcies: An Application of Natural Language Processing
Douglas Wong & Brian Element IDEA Plugins:Powering Innovation and Audit Advancement
Chengzhang Wu Using Supervised Learning Algorithms to Predict Discontinued Operations in Nonprofit Institutions
Barbara Vanich & Nicholas Grillo & Dr.Helen Brown Update on Data & Technology at the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board
Dan Zitting Being Diligent Bringing Data-Driven GRC, ESG & Assurance into the Boardroom